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Heatiack is an electronic music producer and DJ, who creates captivating and immersive sounds that touch the emotions and senses of his listeners.

Born in Tehran in 1992, he started his musical journey with hip hop and rap, making beats and producing melodies for these genres. Later, he discovered his passion for electronic music, and decided to pursue it as a career. He has performed in various events and venues across Turkey, Tehran Underground, and Dubai. He has also streamed his music on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple music and all well-known platforms, He also has a monthly show called “Deep Intuition” on Frisky Radio.

He has released several tracks and remixes on labels like Storm music, Trippy Code, Only the Best, Feel Hype, Istanbul Records, Adrenaline Records, and more.

He has achieved over 500k streams on Spotify on his latest release. Heatiack is always looking for new ways to express himself and create emotional and engaging experiences through music.